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Decorative Bark – Why You Need It Now

Decorative Bark – Why You Need It Now

Robert Dwyer |

When it comes to the world of gardening, concentration is key on what you want to achieve for your garden itself. You can’t stop and lose focus when seeing how pretty the shrubbery looks with the bright, vivid colours of their flowers.

If you are a gardener who needs order and efficiency, then we might just have the product for you.

Ningbo offers two variants of Decorative Bark, Landscaping Bark and Premium Border Bark are the ideal products to turn to for topping off plant beds and borders to give a neat and tidy finish, along with their great advantages of suppressing unwanted pesky weeds.

What is Decorative Bark?

Decorative Barks are essentially sourced from the waste materials created in places, such as furniture manufacturers and sawmills, where they cut and shape wooden products.

With larger segments of the tree’s bark being unable to be broken down and used in the production process of the majority of wooden merchandise, many companies will create a new product sourced from their disposal centres by selling them on to gardening centres and homeowners at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Using Decorative Bark

Landscape Barks and Premium Border Barks are the perfect solutions to protecting your plant beds with organic products, rather than incorporating an inorganic matter into your gardening routine. They provide a natural, recyclable barrier that insulates your plants roots from extreme weather conditions, protecting the soil below from becoming weather shocked.

These natural wood matters will allow your soil to retain its moisture whilst also letting in water drainage from above but slower movement back up into the air through evaporation.

Using Decorative Bark also brings the advantages of restricting weed growth from below, as long as it has been well applied and cared for correctly. The layered Bark acts by preventing sunlight from reaching weed seeds which eliminates their germination process.

Gardeners who choose to use Decorative Bark will not only benefit from it’s highly ornamental purposes, but the soil beneath will also benefit from the additional organic matter. As the natural woods break down and decompose, they create encouragement for living organisms (such as worms) to inhabit the rich soil, providing added benefits to the soil quality itself.

Paving the Way Through Your Garden

Decorative Bark has its many uses, whether you’re using Premium Border Bark to create neat and tidy borders around your plant beds, or using Landscape Bark to create a natural walkway throughout your landscape, be sure and ready to care for the Bark itself too.

As an organic matter, Bark will eventually break down over time, yet it does take at least 5 years to fully decompose and look uninviting to the eye.

Meanwhile, it makes the perfect surface for walking on through green environments. With it’s rough texture and natural characteristics, it won’t become muddy or slippery whilst still looking attractive and eye-catching.

Alongside its natural properties, it is a much less expensive alternative to have paving or stone laid professionally, plus you don’t need to be an expert to lay your own Bark as we’ve got that covered for you.


Let Us Tell You How It’s Done

In order to lay your first layer of Decorative Bark, you must assess the area you’re wanting to protect and thrive.

If you find your garden to be prone to the growth of weeds, then before laying down your Bark, you may want to consider covering the area with a weed suppressant membrane such as a woven, geotextile membrane; this will save you a lot of work over time.

Once this is down and in place, you can then go ahead and place a nice thick layer of Bark over the top of it. The ideal depth to ensure an even, protective layer is a 50mm depth of Bark layered smoothly across the area.

Depending on which wood is used in the process of creating your Decorative Bark, various types of woods need a little more TLC than other wood matters as they can become compact more easily; especially when used for pathing. The best way to reintroduce the air into the Bark itself is to use a garden rake on the area every couple of weeks, this will keep it fresh and looking like natural woodland flooring.

Looking for Some Garden TLC?

If you want to improve your garden’s health and help it thrive this summer, then head over to our website and take a look at our Decorative Barks, whether that’s Landscape Bark or Premium Border Bark, by clicking the links below. From just £89.99, it’s time for you to invest.